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Here is where I post Funny pictures! Please DO NOT copy these pictures, unless I give you permission. If you do copy these pictures without permision, I will bann you from my site, and delete every coment you said on this site πŸ‘Ώ Well, Enjoy the pictures πŸ˜€



Help I’m stuck in a tree! Not an edit πŸ˜‰


This penguin must really hate Club Penguin to steal a Jet Pack to get out Club Penguin. πŸ˜‰
pic. from I only took of the Chewit sign]


Why did I start to nub. Now I’m stuck forever. Will someone help me please. I don’t want to stay under the chat bar forever.


Oh no! I’m WANTED ❗


Neat, I tipped the Iceberg.  πŸ˜‰ (not real)


Poor Puffle, He can’t get down.


Wow Club Penguin has a Jail. I guess they do, cause they put this penguin in jail. I’ll think twice before I do something bad.


This is a Super Weird Dance. Not an Edit ❗


I’m a moderator!


Oooh! A fire. This is warm…too warm…hot…too hot…Burnining


Check out my new boat


I decided to turn invisible. :lol:


World Domination! Muhahahahaha! 😈


Put your hands up! πŸ˜†


It’s me vs. Billybob. 


Umm…Is it me or is the iceberg getting smaller


You will be banned forever unless you respect all of Spade 13’s acount. Click to enlarge!


Stupid Firefighter sprays Billybob πŸ˜† Click to enlarge.


Guys the weirdest thing happend. I checked to see how old I was and saw that I had 101 Buddies πŸ˜† I thought it was funny, but I was confused. How could I have 101 buddies. It’s impossible! Here is a picture to prove it. I promis to God, this is not an edit.


Yesterday I met a Hippy penguin. He just talked about how his hands and design and some crazy peace talk, it reminded me of the gangster penguin I met.


Here is that Gagester penguin I was talking about πŸ˜†


Poor Rockhopper…His ship sank.


Yo Dude! I’m the best of the best Yo. Im the coolest of the cool, cause I’m Spade 13 yo. Im so cool that I’m cool yo.


Tired of your old color? Then pick a red one πŸ˜†


PEEYOO! That Brown Penguin let out a big one! LOL


Ahhhh! I’m about to be runned over by a slide racer.


AHHHH! Help us!
pic. from


Poor old man, he’s about to die. I could save him, but…I don’t feel like it πŸ˜†
Pic. From


Holly Crap! Help Me! I’m about to be eaten πŸ˜†
Pic. From

Now that is funny πŸ˜†


Random animations


OOO!!! Pretty Colors πŸ˜‰


AHHH!!! I’m Dying!!! The Christmas Tree is too sharp. BLAA!!! I th-think it’s t-t-to la-late.



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  1. These pictures are really funny and cool. If they had a reward for best funny pictures of CP, it would go to you. These pictures rock! πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks! But don’t give me all the credits. The Jet Pack picture I got from Chewitt Dude, and the Jail picture I got from Mcmo13, and I got the tipping the iceberg from youtube.

  3. supreme dude! πŸ˜† πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ :mrgreen: 😈

  4. Spade can I use the Ice Berg one?


  5. hehehehehehehehe i love funny pics

  6. Sure mcmo, you can use it.

  7. Cool! you have new pictures. They are all funny. I really like the Put your hands up. they are all so funny πŸ˜†

  8. i like the ice berg 1

  9. Spade u used my picture for mcmo!! That was strictly for mcmo usage only!

  10. joking. u can use it.

  11. ……..I don’t know how to take this.


  12. THOSE ARE HILIROUS!!!!! check out mine at

  13. CCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! U have new pictures. I really like the Rockhopper 1.

  14. Cool pics. They are awesome, and so funny! I really like the small iceberg one, but they r all so gunny.

  15. I messed uf at the end, I ment to say funny not gunny

  16. I messed up on that 1 2. I ment to say up not uf.

  17. Yo These are so funny!

  18. How do you make these pics. There so awesome!

  19. πŸ˜† Spade those are so funny! I like the one where Rockhoppers ship is flipped over in the water! πŸ˜†

  20. thoose pictures are funny

  21. Can i use the coolest penguin in cp?

  22. hi thses are really cool edits would you like to enter in clubpenguin best edits? if you do go to i hope you can enter!

  23. I REALLY like the 1 when Rockhoppers ship sank lol.

  24. I like … not pie but …. CUP CAKES :mrgreen:

  25. how do you tip the ice burg ?

  26. yo this is not a comment its just the ninja training classes have began today on mamoth at the dojo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. oh and cool pictures

  28. Those are really awesome pictures Spade! Your awesome!


  30. Awsome. r those all real?

  31. can i use sum plzz

  32. can i use the boulder 1 plzz

  33. can i hav the hippi 1 plzzzzzz

  34. Yeah, Sure! Just Give me some credit πŸ˜€

  35. Forget about the last coment, cause I now say NO!
    You already copied these pictures!
    Also everytime I coment, you deleted so no one will find out!
    Those are the kinds of people I hate!

  36. hey dude i asked u and u sed yh also ur on my credit page and i told every1 2 go and ur website i will delete them!!!

  37. i deleted em all i salute you

  38. plus i told every1 to visit ur site

  39. im well soz ill do anything

  40. ill giv u a paint penguin for free if u want plz forgiv me ill do anythin ill even delets my blog i swear!

  41. thanks

  42. hi spade mate cos wer friends now can i borrow the old man crossing the bridge plz

  43. can i use the one were the penguin punches the penguin in the water

  44. can i hav sum plz
    the old man crossing:?::?:

  45. thpse pics are awsome

  46. mind if i borrow ur jail picture?
    ill say it`s from ur site
    i found it on google

  47. plz

  48. Yeah! Sure, you can use it, but just give me credit!

  49. Hello You have a great popular site.
    If you want to Copy my funny Pictures and
    my song you are welcome to do it!
    Also you can adopt a bub, its like a little web creature.
    Also if you want to you can join a army on clubpenguin.
    It’s called the Ambu. If you could please add me to your blogroll. You don’t have to. if yes my site is
    So ask me questions about anything.

    Greatfully by

  50. i know how the 101 buddies thing happened! you had around 98 or 99 buddies. you sent like 5 requests and at least 3 of them said yes. lets say you had 98. you sent a bunch of requests. 3 said yes. 98+3=101 buddies. could have happened some other ways too. glitch. PIE


  51. How do you get the pics

  52. :O I hope you ment to put gangster not gagster lol

  53. ok dude my friends told me you took my pics and didnt give me gcredit but i see that you did so thanks man πŸ™‚



  56. Wanna Come Over To My House On Thanksgiving Not Real House
    Club Penguin Igloo!At 5:27 Penguin Standerd Time!At Server Icebox On Amairica

  57. Well someone stole the tipping iceberg and put it on youtube but u should see what was the video called?

  58. Sorry Deekee, but I have big plans on Thanksgiving!

  59. lol

  60. can i put from spade13?

  61. I remember i found you on this page. a long time ago. I wish i could’ve been in penguin pals 😦

  62. I thought you found me on the CPFD website.

  63. heyy thats not cool at all =( like comeon ur just a hacker. and obviously a 6 graer CAN NOT figure that stuiff out you just like to hack into peoples accounts!!!!

  64. Umm…I don’t hack. I’m againts hacking and hacking is a wrong thing to do.

  65. I didn’t listen i have every pic exepct the 1
    where you woudn’t save th old man!

  66. How do u get pics on a web?????????????????????????

  67. those pics r FUNAY

  68. those pics are funny

  69. ur pics rock

  70. i have a good cheat!you can walk anywhere on the left side of the screen

  71. I wanted to know if i could use the pic of the sled racer?

    – Crazzyhead

  72. Could I use some for a video?

  73. yeah this is cool sept there all edits

  74. hahha i copy like everything off of this website and you will never no intil now cuz im telling you! hahahahahahaha

  75. cool

  76. Can I Use Those Pictures?

  77. Yo really funny!

  78. LsummaOsummaLsumma!!

  79. Can i use the animation of the penguin falling in the water?

  80. I love the one that the penguin gets knocked into the ice and breaks through

  81. awesome stuff

  82. Heres A Cheat Follow The Steps
    (cheat is how to stand on night club) im not sure if it works now
    1.Stand By The Box Thats Farthest From The Night Club.
    2.Click The Arrow Next To The Number 100.
    3.The Arrow Is Pointing Down Click It.
    4.Click Custom On The Lists Of Zooms Of The Screen.
    5.You Will See A Little Pop Up Come Up Type In 700
    6.It Will Show The Top Of The Night Club.
    7.Scroll Right Until You Cant See Any More Part Of It.
    8.Then Click The Edge Of It Then You Can See Your Self On The Night Club! (you dont have to download anything this might only have the zooming thing on Inernet Explorer And Mozilla Fire Fox Im Not Sure About Mozilla Fire Fox.

  83. KOOL!!!! Wait ummm Spade 13 can i use the one with the coolest penguin on it. Thnx :mrgreen:

  84. I WANT UR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!! 😈 MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im Rubby Dubby1. Ill be on Yeti in five minutes. Meet me at da dock. IM SUPER KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  85. ur like the coolest person in the world πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  86. Lolz That is Funny! XD

  87. the old man was so funny i was laughing for ages

  88. best pictures

  89. ssssssssssss

  90. U better reply Spade 13
    If u don’t,see if your alive tomorrow…
    U rock!

  91. this is halarious lol=]

  92. i love club penguin call me! (348)648)6498) call now and my name is poppy08060 my pass word is teddy

  93. i ❀ when the penguin throws the other penguin LOL

  94. Lol those are some funny pics dude and the URL that u gave me was disabled!!

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