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Agents! Today’s mission is very risky and very…IMPOSSIBLE! However, Spade 13 is here and he can help us make the mission easy to finish


Mission : Case of the Missing Puffles

  1. Talk to Aunt Artic.
  2. Go to the Ice Rink & go to the right. Pick up the pictures on the ground.
  3. Give the pictures to Aunt Artic.
  4. Go the the Pet Shop and turn left
  5. Click on the sticky note that’s on the puffle house.
  6. The message will say “G has __ pairs of socks”. Figure out how many pairs he has for that mission & go to the Sport Shop.
  7. Talk to G. Ask him if he has any “Special items”. Tell him how many pairs of socks he has.
  8. Take the life preserver shooter. Go to the Iceberg & rescue all the penguins that got stranded on a piece of ice. Save them by firing life preservers at them.
  9. Go to the Ski Mountain. Talk to the crying penguin. Open your spy phone and open your tools. Click on the wrench & click on the telescope to fix it.
  10. Look through the telescope & go to the left. You will see a green puffle flying around a mountain.
  11. Go to the Sport Shop & get the grappling hook.
  12. Go to the tallest mountain and click on the grappling hook & throw it at the top of the mountain.
  13. You will find the 2 lost puffles.
  14. Take them to Aunt Artic and your done.
  15. Get the medal & the letter from Aunt Artic.


Mission II: G’s Secret Mission

  1. Talk to G & ask him for your mission.
  2. He’ll ask a ridde and the answer to the riddle is ‘mogul’.
  3. He’ll show you his new sled.
  4. Take G’s new sled to the Ski Mountain
  5. You will see a sign that says “test run”. Click the sled & ride down the test run.
  6. You’ll eventually crash so instead of wasting your time and trying to get as far as you can, just crash at the very begining.
  7. Pick up the rope behind the snow clump and pick up the Survival Guide
  8. Go towards the bush with O berries on it and pick up a few O berries.
  9. There should be a tree to your right. Shake the tree until a pot falls out. Take the pot.
  10. Go towards the tree stump.
  11. Click on one of the puffles. They’ll all run away except the emo one.
  12. Feed the emo puffle an O berry. It will get on fire & will follow you around for the rest of the mission.
  13. Go to your left and go towards the log & the bush.
  14. Pick up the ski and join it with the rope to make a fishing rod. 
  15. Put an O berry with the fishing rod for bait.
  16. Go to the right & go back to the tree stump.
  17. Go to the right & go towards the cave.
  18. Go to the right & go towards the river.
  19. Use the fishing rod to catch a fish.
  20. Once you cought a fish, put it in your inventory
  21. Get your pot out and fill it with water.
  22. Go to the right & pick up the piece of wood.
  23. Go back to the cave. Click on the bushes in front of the entrance to pull them aside.
  24. Enter the cave & click on one of the rocks.
  25. Go to your right and put the piece of wood on the rocks.
  26. Get your survival guide out and rip it apart on the piece of wood.
  27. Feed the puffle an O berry and it’ll catch on fire
  28. Cook the fish & boil the water. Eat and drink them and you’ll later fall asleep.
  29. You will wake up because of a noise outside. The emo puffle has left and you’re all alone.
  30. Go outside & talk to the agent. He’ll bring you the the Sport Shop.
  31. Talk to G and collect your medals and letter from G.


Mission III: Case of the Missing Coins

  1. Talk to the newby penguin in the Gift Shop.
  2. He locks the vault and forgets the combo.
  3. Head up to the staff room.
  4. Go to the right… keep going until you get to the sofa. Now click under the sofa.
  5. Pick up the floppy disk & the paper clip.
  6. Head to the computer. Turn on the computer and put the floppy disk in.
  7. Click on ‘My Files’ then flick on ‘Combination Number’
  8. The combo is different for each mission so all I can help with is that N stands for North, S stands for South, E stands for East, & W stands for West.
  9. NOTE: You can also play a game called Ice Bricks. Click the paddle to start. There are ten levels. This is just a mini game & has nothing to do with the mission, But it’s sorta like the gabe Blasterball so check it out.
  10. Go down stairs & enter the combo.
  11. Enter the vault.
  12. The money is stuck to the ceiling.
  13. You will get a call from G that he wants to meet you at the HW.
  14. Head over to the HQ and talk to him.
  15. Look at the video he shows you.
  16. Click on the drawer & pick up the bronze colored key in the top left.
  17. Head back to the Staff Rom on the 2nd floor of the Gift Shop.
  18. Open the door to the roof with the bronze key.
  19. Open your spy phone & get the wrench.
  20. Unscrew the screws on the ‘Powa Box’ with the wrench.
  21. Place the paper clip in the ‘Powa Box’ and it will explode.
  22. There is a piece of white fiber in the gutter. Pick it up
  23. Go to the vault downstairs and talk to the newby penguin.
  25. Pick up the funny looking torch under the map. (If you have Night Vision Goggles you don’t need the torch.)
  26. Go to the Town & talk to the crying penguin.
  27. Go into the Night Club & turn on the flash light or Night Vission Goggles.
  28. Go to the secret entrance (speakers) to the boiler room.
  29. Find the fuse box & open its doors.
  30. You have to turn all of the lights green. This will either take a short time or a very long time (read directions on fuse box for help)
  31. When you get the power back on, head back to the Night Club & talk to the penguin.
  32. Head back to the HQ & talk to G.
  33. Collect the medal & a Thank you card.


Mission IV: Avalanche Rescue

  1. Talk to G.
  2. Go into the Gadget Room and pick up the Life Preserver Shoots
  3. Go to the Ski Village. There should be a white fur besides the lift. Pick it up.
  4. Go into the Ski Lodge and pick up Fishing Rod.
  5. Put the Fishing Rod with the Live Preserver Shooter.
  6. Now Go to the Lighthouse and pick up a peice of rope on the boat.
  7. Put that with the Fishing Rod/Life Preserver thingy.
  8. Go to the Beacon and get your wrench out from your spy phone.
  9. Unscrew the telescope from the railing and put it in your inventory.
  10. Go into Gary’s room in the Sport Shop.
  11. Put the telescope on the tripod near a window.
  12. Click the telescope. Now either memorise the path, or get out a piece of paper and write it down.
  13. Head to the Ski Mountain and down the Ridge Run Path
  14. Go down the paths that you saw in the telescope until you reach the broken fence.
  15. Place the Penguin Rescuer thingy in the hole of the fence.
  16. Now the next parts tricky so pay attention and go in order as I said.
  17. Brake the branch over the right with the Tube.
  18. Pick up the Penguin on the tree first.
  19. Now pick up the penguin on the left.
  20. Now put a penguin back on the tree.
  21. The tree is bent so now you can get to the penguin under the tree.
  22. Pick up the penguin on the tree again.
  23. Put all three penguins on the edge with the rock on it.
  24. They’ll start pushing and the rock will fall on the sled with the penguin.
  25. Pick up all four penguins and head back to the Ski Village.
  26. Talk to the crying brown penguin.YOU CAN EITHER END THE MISSION NOW, OR DO THE BONUS PART!
  27. Go to the Sports Shop and take the belt off the winking penguin.
  28. His pants fell off…how hilarious -_-
  29. Talk to the crying brown penguin.
  30. Get the belt out & place the ski lift.
  31. The belt fixes the ski lift and the Brown penguin is happy.
  32. Go to the Ski Hill and talk to G
  33. Give him the white fur.
  34. Get the medal & the Handy Penguin Award. Read the letter…it explodes.


Mission V: Secret of the Fur

  1. Talk to G.
  2. Pink fur is stuck in his Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  3. Get the comb out of your spy phone & comb the pink fur.
  4. G will now give you the white fur from your last mission. Put that into the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  5. It will scan  Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, & Jet Pack Fuel.
  6. You need to find where they all came from so first head to the Pizza Parlor.
  7. Talk to the guy cleaning up there and take a bottle of Hot Sauce & Chocolate Sauce.
  8. THIS IS EXTRA. Talk to the Pizza Boy and he’ll ask you to deliver pizza to a penguin.
  9. Take the pizza & go to the Ski Lodge and into the Fishing place and hand the Penguin his pizza.
  10. Now head to the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin behind the counter.
  11. Examin the drawing of the monster and talk to him again.
  12. To fix the Hot Chocolate Machine get out your wrench from your spy phone & fix the tube on the right for the milk.
  13. Put the mug under the Machine and pour Chocolate Sauce onto the Bowl at the top.
  14. Click on the switch for heat and now click the “press for Hot Chocolate”.
  15. Place the mug of Hot Coco in your inventory
  16. Go back the the Gadget Room and take the AC 1000.
  17. Go to the Beacon and head over to the launch pad.
  18. Get the AC 1000 and blow the balloon over to yourself.
  19. Cut the fuel off the balloon with the scissors in your spy phone and pick up the fuel.
  20. Head back to the the Furensic Analyzer 3000 in the Gadget Room.
  21. Pour the Hot Sauce, Hot Coco, and Jet Pack fuel in the Furensic Analyzer 300.
  22. Pick up the glasses besides the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  23. Go to the Ski Lodge and put on the glasses.
  24. Go into the Ice Fishing door again.
  25. The monsters there. Go back into the Ski Lodge & pick up the candle on the wall.
  26. Go to the Beach and pick up the net beside the Lighthouse.
  27. Go to the lighthouse and pick up the rope on the boat.
  28. Put the rope on the net to make a trap.
  29. Head back to the Fishing place where you saw the monster and place the trap on the tree.
  30. Put a candle on the trap and the crab will get on the trap which scares away the monster.
  31. Pick up the crab & the white fur that the monster left behind and head back to the Gadger Room
  32. Talk to G and give him the crab and place the fur in the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  33. It was really a bear. To be honest I always sorta knew.
  34. Talk to G and collect your medals & the pizza.


Mission VI: Questions for a Crab

  1. Talk to G and he’ll turn on the Crab Translator 3000
  2. The crab escapes and guess who has to chase him? we do.
  3. The crab will bring you to the Ski Hill. Follow him off the edge.
  4. You land in the wilderness. Follow the crab to the cave you used in Mission 2.
  5. Go towards the tree stump and guess what! It’s the emo puffle from Mission 2.
  6. Go to the big log and use your scissors in your spy phone to get the bag of O Berries.
  7. Go back towards the tree stump & give the emo puffle an O Berry.
  8. Go back to the cave & throw a Puffle O in the pet door.
  9. When the emo puffle unlocks the door, go in.
  10. The Bear trapped tou and now you’re stuck in a cage.
  11. The Polar Bear appears and he’ll tell his life story and plants.
  12. When he leaves, go to the right until you reach a machine called the ‘Cage Lift’.
  13. Put an O Berry on the lever on one of the pipes for the emo puffle to jump on and pull the lever.
  14. Put an O Berry on the left side of the chute. The puffle will jump on top of the shute, and making the water go the other way.
  15. Put an O Berry on the scales. The puffle will pull the scales down and the little wall will go up making the water life the cage.
  16. Go the the left & pick up the anchor & the rope lying on one of the planks stuck to the wall.
  17. Put them together to make a climbing thingy.
  18. Go the the left until you see a desk. Put the hot sauce & G’s Electro Magnet 3000 blueprints in your inventory.
  19. Go to the door & open it. Snow will fall from the roof.
  20. Put hot sauce on an O Berry & give it to the emo puffle.
  21. The emo puffle will fly through the snow & leave a path for you.
  22. Go back to the cliff & use the climbing thingy to get back to the Ski Hill.
  23. Go the the Ski Lodge (if you listened to the Polar Bear’s story, you’d know he’s going to make the Ski Lodge into a big bonfire).
  24. Go through the Ice Fishing door and the Polar Bear is in there.
  25. Now you can go to the Pizza Parlor to order a seaweed pizza.
  26. Go back to the Polar Bear and give him the pizza.
  27. While his back is turned, click the lever on the machine.
  28. When he turns back to his machine, he’ll start it.
  29. It goes backwards & pushed him & the Crab across the lake.
  30. G turns up out of nowhere so you have to talk to him.
  31. You get a phone call from the Polar Bear.
  32. Talk to G again and hand him the blueprints.
  33. Watch the emo puffle soaring across the sky….
  34. Get the medal & the Electro Magnet 1000 blueprints.


Mission VII: Clockwork Repairs

  1. Talk to G & watch the secret footage.
  2. Go over to the door into the Gadget Room & click the Invention Cabinet on the left of the door.
  3. The access word is ‘key’.
  4. Take the mini Electromagnet 3000 out & go to the Iceberg.
  5. Go to the left & use the magnet to attract the block of ice with the spring in it.
  6. Go to the Gadget Room & put the ice block on the conveyor belt of the Test Chamber.
  7. Pull the red level to bring the ice block into the Test Chamber.
  8. Click the fire button to melt the ice, then pull the red lever again to take the spring out.
  9. Go to the Snow Forts & put the spring in the Clock Tower.
  10. Go to the Town & take a poster of the main gear from the newb penguin.
  11. Go to the Pizza Parlor & take the music script that’s on the ground beside the piano.
  12. Go to the Stage & click the piano. Put the music script on the piano & play the tune correctly to make the yellow puffle happy.
  13. Give the puffle the picture of the main gear.
  14. Go to the Beach & take the green bucket beside the guy in the snow chair.
  15. Go to the Snow Forts & fill the bucket up with snow. (It has to be Snow Forts snow, it’s the best kind for some reason.)
  16. Go back to the yellow puffle at the Stage & give him the snow. He will make a snow gear.
  17. Take the snow gear to the Gadget Room & put it in the Test Chamber like you did with the ice block, but this time press the snow button.
  18. The snow will get so cold it will turn to ice.
  19. Now put the ice gear in the Clock Tower too.
  20. Now go to the Dock & ask the two penguins for the target back.
  21. They will challenge you to a tricky game. You have to hit the target three times, but you have limited snowballs.
  22. Take the target when you win, & go to the Gadget Room.
  23. Take the live preserver off the shelf beside the weird thingy 3003.
  24. Go back to the Dock & give the guys the life preserver as a replacement target.
  25. Go to the Snow Forts & put the target on the Clock Tower.
  26. Rory will talk to you. Then you will get a phone call from Herbert the Polar Bear.
  27. G will come along after you’ve finished talking to Herbert. Talk to G.
  28. Get the medal & the Blue Team Pennant.





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  7. You have to become a secret agent!

  8. whers the bait in the last mission? pls answer immediately.

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