November 11, 2008 at 10:11 am | Posted in CPFD, News, Ninjas, Pin, Rockhopper, Weekly Poll | 7 Comments

Hey guys! Well I was bored so I thought, hey how about I check out the site so here I am, and I’m just amazed of how many hits I’m getting even though I haven’t made a post in over 4 or 5 months.

Anyways, some of my old online friends are encouraging me to get back on CP, so I checked it out and wow has it changed. I see they finally brought the ninjas, but Card Jitsu is such a stupid way to become a ninja, but oh well. Well I probably won’t be coming back to CP, but hey you never know.

Now I have some things to talk about the site. First off, we have a new chatbox as well as a new toolbar to keep you updated with new feeds on the website and other things. Here are the Links:

Another thing is that some of the pictures aren’t showing up on the site. I don’t know why, but I’ll check into it and try to fix most of them, however don’t blame me if I can’t, because I deleted some of the older pictures to save space on my computer.

One last, but very important thing I want to say…
I just wanted say thank you to everybody who made this site possible. Thank you to my friends who were there for me. Thank you for people who contributed to the site, and thank you to those viewers who just come on everyday. My site wouldn’t be possible at all without you people.




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  1. U too! 😀

  2. You brought CPFD back 😀

  3. hey man, fireninja10 here. You posted me a comment like last month and asked if i would join. Sorry im replyin so late, its just that i forgot my password and i didnt have any hits so yeah. Well if you still wannna offer that rank in the cpfd then ill join but i dont go on that much so dont expect me to be there all the time. One last thing….. my new account well not new but the one I use the most is called Bd4life1, so reply back when you can.

    – Bd4life1 (fireninja10)

  4. Dude you need to! YOU ROCK!

  5. how come ur chatbox is empty????

  6. oh btw i downloaded ur toolbar and its really cool!

  7. hey spade. remember me. 123log . yes i bet you do but anyway get on this chat

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