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 April Fools party started and here are the free items:

They brought back the rare red flying hat again and it’s at the Ski Village

There are Rainbow Spiral Glasses at the dock.

The pin is at the mine…
once you finish the stupid long annoying thing you find the pin
It’s a red crayon!

The rooms look really great and really cool, so check it out!

Everything in the Pizza Parlor is 3D

The forest is upside down

And just like last year, you can stand on walls on the Dojo

The Iceberg is really cool too

Almost every room is decorated and really cool, so check it out.

If you ever wanted to play Astro Barrier and Thin Ice at the same time, nows your chance.

Overall, this party was one of its best. Every since Disney bought CP, everythings grown lame, but I guess this a comeback for CP

 Also if you go on the Test Servers, everyone has been turned into Puffles. Nothing special, but it’s still cool.






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  1. 😦

    happy april fools..

  2. happy april fools spade!! 😛
    still sad about the bann situation 😦

  3. bann situation??? What is the “Bann Situation” ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  4. i just figured out it was an april fools by mcmo11 but she fooled us all 🙂
    kool new avatar image or whatevr its called
    i was in one of your pin pictures lol


  6. check mcmo11s site on april fools

  7. Yeah I fooled you guys. But back to important stuff.

    Jo Mama 42 quit.

  8. 😦
    how come every time i come on you leave??
    you hate me! so i guess i wont come here 😦

  9. you just did it again!!
    you think im weird and stupid

  10. you have no i dea what me bo is???
    are you kidding me?
    its the thing that says Chat with spade
    you go to http://www.meebo.com
    and then i will say hi
    and then we talk
    i cant believe you forgot

  11. hi, i would like to advertise on your site. if you would please e-mail me at scijames15@aol.com I am will pay money to have it advertise. as a post.

  12. Hey Spade!
    Im having a Comment Contest, Can you enter it?
    You can WIn free Membership, work on my blog or get 2,000 coins.

  13. spade Have you been ok lately?
    *no offence* But you seen like really different
    cause i mean you forgot what meebo is and you like see me on club penguin and like you act like you dont know me!
    is something wrong?

  14. UPDTAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. spade im serious. What is up with you? Why havn’t you been commenting and getting on?

  16. dude y havent you posted about rockhopper comeing back?

    p.s. cool site

    WADLLE ON!!!!!!!!

    ~ im a ligor ~

  17. Sorry guys, I’ve been REALLY busy these days! The state tests are next week and I’m not doing good in my classes and well I dunno I just don’t have time!
    Also Cookie I let my friend use my penguin so maybe that’s why My penguin has been ignoring you and not knowing what meebo is!

  18. I just feel better knowing that you haven’t quit! You haven’t been on in such a long while!

  19. okay

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