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March 13, 2008 at 9:04 am | Posted in News | 24 Comments

Well it’s been a really long time since the “stuff” page has been closed, but now it’s finally going to re-open. Also, I’ll be calling it by its original name now, Business Page, and not Stuff. I know a lot of you were frustrated with its closing and how I couldn’t get to your orders, but it will finally be opened again and open to everyone.

So some of you guys might be asking, what’s going to be on it? Well there’s going to be the same stuff that we used to have, and more! We will still offer Headers, Banners, Dream Penguins, and Pixel Penguins, but we will also offer Xat Pics! All of them will look better than before, because of a new Software I got.

When will it be opened? Well I will be on Vacation this whole week for Spring Break, but as soon as I get back, the Business Page will be back on and your orders will be delevired.




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  1. kewl calafornia is so much Fun!!!!!
    i went there in August last year
    What city are you going to i went to San Fransisco
    So much fun im telling you!!
    im going to disney world (or disney land or which ever in florida) from the first day of Summer Vacation then for 11 days!!!
    I’m going with all my family( like grandma cousin garndpas etc…) they have been planning this trip for litterally 10 years!!!!
    wow this is a long commetn i hope you read it all

  2. oh yah spade can you make me header?
    if you do make me one it has to me 730 wide and 140 tall.
    can it have pics of my penguin?
    can it ahve cookies on it?
    can it say cookies112’s cookied up site?
    or or maybe cookies112’s awsome site?
    or cookies112’s fun site?
    or maybe cookies’s wacked out world?
    well you pick but for my name call me cookies or cookies112 k?
    thanks dude you rock dude!!! 😀

  3. Well actually I’m going to California until this Monday…our ticket got pulled forward and we will be back at Tuesday night.
    Also Cookie I need some more info…like Colors? Things you want on it? Where do you want the things to be? and stuff like that 😀

  4. umm you can make it up i dont care
    light purple or light green in the backroung maybe
    and whichever color you didnt use for the words
    um dont use my pic until after the st patricks day cause my out fit that im wearing now isnt my normal outfit ok?

  5. oh yah spade i changed my site so now my header has to be 795 wide and 150 tall
    you use photoshop to edit your pics right?
    well my mom and dad wont let me use photoshop, photodraw or photobucket so i have nothing!!
    oh yah (i say oh yah a lot lol 😆 ) how do you use snapshot?

  6. 😆 Snapshots are really easy 😀

    1: Go to Club Penguin (recomending to go on load.swf type)
    2: Go to where you want to take your picture and click the PrtScr/SysRq button on the right top of the keyboard next to the F12 button.
    3: Go to Microsoft Paint or Photoshop or whatever and Press Ctrl and V or go to edit and press Paste.
    4: Then you can edit and stuff and save it and post it on your WordPress 😀

  7. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  8. thanks spade!!!!! 😀
    well actually i wont be able to use it until a while!

  9. i just never new like what buttons to push lol! 😆

  10. spade, i treid the snapshot whatever thing and all it did was like make my cursor blink
    there’s gotta be another way unless my computer doesnt have it or something

  11. 😥

  12. ummm…well your computer keyboard might need be different and needs to be used by the Fn button. When you click the PrtScr/SysRq also press Fn. Maybe that will work…and if that doesn’t work then I need a picture of you’re keyboard.

  13. umm ok
    well ill try
    where is the Fn button?
    all i have are F1 and the rest of the numbers to 12
    I must be like so blind im sure its on here
    wow your site is so popular almost everytime im here it has atlest 2 or 3 people veiwing

  14. hey spade how do you put like things with codes to your sidebar?
    like blobs and stuff?
    i know that some things are Flickr but other things that arent retarded Yahoo! (sorry i have issues with Yahoo!)

  15. nvm i figured it out now

  16. i wish my site was worth at least one dollar mine is worh $0.00
    oh well

  17. ok ok spade i know i may sound COMPLETLY stupid but i figured out where to find those things on the sidebar but my only question is how to get them there
    pleaes tell me!

  18. i used to think they were flickr thats why i wanted a flickr lol

  19. Find the codes…then go to the Widget page on the Presentation page then Click on 1 of the texts box and just put the codes there and save.

  20. ohhhhhhhhh
    thanks! 😀
    i am totally starting to get this lol

  21. ok i tried that and when i copied it all it said was sed this to a friend but i dont wanna

  22. Just click NO on it, and if there isn’t a NO button then just click a random space on where the code box is and it should go away.

  23. umm ok

  24. well i treid that and once i clicked it away the thing wasn’t highlighted so then i highlighted it again and then it said send to a friend and it repeated over and over again

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