Migrator sinks, but RH still makes it

January 30, 2008 at 2:45 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Well, Migrator is still on the water slowly sinking. Ugh…It’s Titanic all over again, LOL!
Anyways, the Migrator is sinking, but Rockhopper still makes it to Club Penguin, and he has a NEW ITEM!!! It’s a life jacket!!!

click to see in higher reselution

Next is…is…is…THE MISSION


1: Talk to G and he’ll take you to a machine,but the crab will make it go BOOM!

2: Follow the Crab into the HQ, then Sport Shop and Ski Village.

3: The crab will go to the mountain and jump off.

4: Keep following the crab till you get to a cave with a door on it.

5: Then leave the door and go to the place with the big log and there should be some Puffle Os hanging from a tree.

6: Get the scissors from the spy phone to cut it down.

7: Feed the Puffle Os to a black Puffle and he’l be your friend

8: Go to the the locked door and put a Puffle O in the pet door and the Black Puffle will unlock the door for you.

9: When you go in, you’ll be trapped by the bear, and he’ll steal your Spy Phone and explain his plan to you (((why

explain your plan? you’re just practivly making the plan to be a big fat FAILIER)))

10: He’ll leave with the crab and you will still be traped

11: Go right in your Cage until you see the Cage Lift machine. Put an O-Berry on top of the Red Lever on the right.

12: Put a O-Berry on the Left side of the Water slide and then another O-Berry on the silver platform.

13: You’ll be free!!!

15: Go all the way right past the door and a little past the table. Place the Grappling hook, Blue prints, the Rope, and the Hot Sauce in your inventory, then go to the door

16: The door will be blocked with snow, so then get a O-Berry with Hot Sauce and put it on the door

17: Go to the Stump on the right. Go the the Long log and Bushes on the far left. Then go to left and you’ll see a mountain.

18: Connect the Grappler Hook with the rope and throw it to the mountain.

19: When you get out, go to the Pizza Parlor and ask for a Seweed Pizza, then go to the Ski Lodge.

20: Go to the the place where you play Ice Fishing and you’ll find the bear. Put the Seweed Pizza next to him.

21: The bear will start eating it. Right when he does pull the red lever.

22: When the bear is done eating click on the bear and he’ll turn on the machine and it’ll start going backwords till it breaks the ice.

23: G will come and he’ll talk. Give him the blueprints and while you do that the bear will swear reveng on you.

24: get the medal and…YOU’RE DONE!!!!!

Thanks to JK767 for helping me with the writing and the mission.


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