Happy Birthday to me.

January 25, 2008 at 7:45 am | Posted in News | 8 Comments

Hey guys, My penguin, Anoush, is turning a year old in a few days, so I just though you might want to know. There won’t be any parties, or anything like that, just thought you might want to know.






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  1. happy bday to u happy bday to u happy bday mr.anoush happy bdaaaaaaayyy toooooooo uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

  2. Damn! i wanted to be ur girlfriend 😦

  3. I had a boy freind on CP
    it was so amsome!!!!!!!!!!
    but then next time i saw him i was like hay dwarfman(well that was his name) and he just did the little ? emote and he was like do i know u?
    and i was like YES and he was like sorry i dont remember u and i was like WAT IS WRONG WITH U WE ARE THROUGH and he was like FINE WE NEVER WERE TOGETHER I DONT EVEN KNO U
    but i saw him again one time and he wasnt even a member so now ICK!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cookie, aren’t you going out with Crazy Boy5?

  5. UUUHHHHH NO!!!!!!
    We are just friends. At least I think, Did he tell you that cause that ain’t true
    Its 10:10 make a wish
    I want a pony.
    Go to http://www.cookies112.wordpress.com I got some new stuff but remember DONT take the title siriously

  6. Go on meebo

  7. Why don’t you make ur grilfreind an admin?

  8. Well CP blocks all the coments I make for her to come to my site.

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