Alot of Christmas stuff!!!

December 24, 2007 at 3:48 am | Posted in News, Pin | Leave a comment

Hey guys!!! The Christmas party has started and almost all of CP is decorated. It’s really awesome, you should really check it out.
Here are the free items that are there:

The Santa Hat—Snow Fort

Reindeer Antlers—Dock

The pin is hidden at the Lodge Attic next to the pony thingy 😆

There are new post cards you can send!!!

The Furniture Cataloug came out with cool Christmas decoration.
They are:
Christmas Tree~~~700 Coins
Small Christmas Tree~~~400 Coins
Christmas Lights~~~30 Coins
Christmas Wreath~~~150 Coins
Candy Cane~~~100 Coins
Fire Place~~~1200 Coins
Wood Stove~~~900 Coins
Door Garland~~~750 Coins
Toy Train~~~180 Coins
Gifts & Presents~~~400 Coins
Nut Cracker~~~950 Coins


Click the Cash Register for a moosehead

Click the stem of the Ficus Plant to get Mullet

Click the piano to get the Organ

Click the Stereo to get the stage lights

Click the Fire Pit to get the Candelebra

Coins For Change started 9 days ago, and unfortunatly there’s only one more Day left to donate 😦
But if you havent donated yet, please start donating and when you do you get a card from them saying ‘Thank You’
You can also get a free bell near each Donation Locations at the Beach & Plaza.
ALSO!!! I found a new Cheat and it’s very cool!!!
I found out how to walk on walls!!! I’ll be adding it to the
CP CHEATS section of my page very soon.

I PROMIS THIS IS NOT AN EDIT!!! except the arrows :mrgreen:

Another thing I need to say, But this is onlyfor Yahoo Users.
If you have a Yahoo Mail acount and you’re expecting mail from CP, then there is a chance you might not be getting it.
CP is having difficulties with Yahoo and any Email sent from CP to yahoo won’t reach you. CP is working on the problem.

AND ALSO!!! Ive added a new picture to the Picture Page

Here is the invatation stuff:

Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Hear me talk!

ALSO!!! MY SCHOOL IS ON WINTER BREAK!!!! It’ll be till Janrary 7th.


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