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I saw it…I saw it with my own eyes. The Creature looked straight into my eyes. I felt as if I just got shot in the stomach with a gun. The pain in my body as I looked into the creatures eyes.
The creature lifted his arm and pointed at me. “YOU” It yelled. His voice was making me trembeling. I wanted to move…I wanted to run. The creature moved its right leg and stepped forwards. half of his face could now be seen with the moonlight shining on his face. The face wasn’t like anything I’ve seen. It was unhuman. I trembled with fear “YOU…YOU WILL…YOU MUST…” He yelled to me.
Then…then…background music came??? It souned like Micheal Jackson’s famouse song, Thriller. “YOU WILL…YOU MUST…YOU WILL COME TO SPADE’S HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!”
Then, hands started to pop up. It was the…DEAD.
They started Dancing.
BAAAOOW!!!” Said the creature.


Well you get the point. I’m throwing a Halloween Party and you WILL come. “MUHAHAHAHA!!!”
[Click to Enlarge]
Spike helped design my igloo

WHEN: Sunday, October 28th, 07     
Where: Anoush’s Igloo on the map    
SERVER: Mittens                                                         

                  FROM 12:00 PST to 1:00 PST



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  1. w00t first comment and can i be your friend in cp? im in psa and im the spy (only spy)

  2. Cool! But when you say you’re in the PSA, are you saying you are a Secret agent in CP, or the the arny Dani created.

  3. SPADE i got banned forever with that account remember!! It would be a year old today but it got banned

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