The Fall Fair has started!!!

September 23, 2007 at 5:07 am | Posted in News | 1 Comment

The Fall fair has finally started and it’s great!
There are so many games. It’s really great.

Almost all of CP is decorated and full of games to get tickets. It’s really easy to get tickets, just play the mini games and you’ll get tickets.
I prefer to play the “Wack the Puflles Game” (It’s not really called that) It’s at the Snow Fort.

Also! Hydro Hopper became the official name for the once know as “Blasstic Buiscuit”

Here are the prizes


Ok I found the page that shows what the prize that is coming up!

Well if you want to see it then just scroll down.












Well if you really want to see than just scroll down and click the link



































































{It looks like a neclas and a paddle}


In other news

Rockhopper came a few days ago with a few cool stuff! I’m sorry I didn’t post I barely had time.
The pin is a Blue Jelly Fish at the Ski Lodge



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  1. hey how do you get the lollie pop

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