New Cataloug + News Paper

September 8, 2007 at 12:58 am | Posted in News, Rockhopper | 2 Comments


wazzup everyone!? So you guys like the new look for my site? It’s ok if you don’t! I just want to know! 🙂


Well, the new cataloug came out, and well I just think the stuff or sort of Crapy, or what briddish call “Rubbish”

The New stuff are:
Astro Barrier T-Shirt~~~200 coins
Blue Backpack~~~410 coins
Running shoes~~~300 coins
Star T-Shirt~~~200 coins
Red Letherman Jacket~~~550 coins
Butterfly T-shirt~~~200 coins
Pink Backpack~~~410 coins
Designer glasses~~~200 coins
There’s a new Trendy sunglasses for 200 coins
Dress Shoes~~~420 Coins
Backgrounds, but you know that!


Well here are the cheats for the cataloug for it!

Click the Scuba Tank and you’ll find the Red Viking helmet. close and open it 4 times and you get the blue Viking helmet.
And the Red Guitar is on the right part of the Formal Grown

ALSO… Rockhopper is coming back on September 14th 2007! I’m looking forward for that!
Also the real thing in the boxes are nto Mickey Mouse ears, but a circus or some kind of party! Just click one of the boxes to find it!




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  1. Um, when are you gonna tell us what’s inside the boxes?

  2. I ALREADY DID!!!!!
    I told you it was Mickey Mouse ears!
    But I later found out it is a circus!!!!!

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