Party + Hack + Dream Penguin + Goodbye + Sorry

August 29, 2007 at 3:53 am | Posted in News | 9 Comments

Well I have 5 new thinks to talk about.

#1. PARTAY! Well as some of you might know, CPFD is now the # Roockie, and has the most wins without never loosing. So for that, I’m throwing a Party! But right now I don’t know where and when it will be. School starts and I just don’t have time, but I will see to it, that WE WILL PARTAY!

#2. HACKER! As most of you know, My friend Cruisingman1has gotten hacked…again by someone called Jumperfan. Well I feel bad for him, cause thiswas his third blog and it got hacked.
1st one got hacked. 2nd got deleted cause of the fake Billybob. 3rd one right now, is hacked. Well I’m trying to help. He’s a good friend of mine, so I really want to help

#3. DREAM PENGUINS! Well from this day on! I will be makeing your very own Edited Dream Penguins.

I have to give some credits to Mcmo11, cause she created it. Bla Bla Bla. Yeah….

OK! So Dream Penguins Will be with the “Business” 2 PER PERSON, unless I’m in a really good mood, and I got no homework, then I say Sure I’ll make you another. But you know that will never happen. LOL! Well you get the point

#4. GOODBYE! Well My School Officially stated on Monday this week. I’m in 6th grade. I already have Homework. It’s good, but still. It’s only the begining. My Swmming starts in a few weeks! School gets tuffer. More Sports, So I’m ganna say Good Bye. I’m not quiting. But I will hardly be on. Maybe Weekends or Spare Time. Well That’s that

#5. I’M SORRY! Guys, Remember whenI told you guys I will bring all those cool new stuff to my site. Well sorry, but not Yet. 1st of all. My Email went down a few days ago, so can’t get anything from anyone, or get My Bribble Actavation Codes, wich I need For SpAdE ChAtBoX, But Till then you can use a this for SpAdE ChAtBoX
Also the Music thing not coming. CPFD Super Cheats not yet. I can do the Toolbar, but I want the Chatbox to be in it, so I have to wait. Also I’m sorry I’m leaving, but I have to cause school.

Well I explained a few things. So CPFD Party, Cruisingman1 got hacked, You can order a Dream Penguins from the Business section, School start’s so BYE BYE! and I’m sorry for the things that didn’t come out.
Well, um…Bye!

Till Next Time….Waddle On!
~~~♣Spade 13♣~~~



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  1. Hi spade are you on

  2. eh hem?

  3. *cough cough* lol

  4. MY SCHOOL STARTED TOO! Basketball started yesterday and I feel life my legs are going to fall off. *Sigh*… I cant wait for summer…


  5. Spade also help fireball (freeman) someone hacked his cp acount and deleted everyone off his buddy lsit please help him out he is my pal!

  6. Spade, i just went to jumpinfan’s site ( who hacked cruisingman) and told him he is SO SO SO SO MEAN. Also i told him you are out to get him 😈

  7. HEY! I’m back! I was on a lloooooooooooonnng Vacation. So Wazzup? I see alot of things happend. Cool well um…ok!

  8. iduuno ho u r but get off dis site now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Who should get off this site. If you were saying it to me, then I’m NOT getting off this site, cause it is my site 😉 😛

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