some trackers

August 26, 2007 at 3:21 am | Posted in News | 10 Comments

The New Trackers aren’t up to date!

First of all, the famouse people Trackers have people wich I never even herd of, and it doesn’t have the real famouse people, like Billybob, Paintboy100, or people like that. Here you look

The Ban Tracker: Not up to date either! I used one of my spare penguin people give me, and I banned one of them. I typed the name of the Penguin and it said Alex112233 is not banned. I just banned him forever! So it’s not up to date either! I check it about 15 minutes later and it still says It’s not banned

Also there is the World Population! Not up to date either

some Tackers

Also Rockhopper was last seen August 24th 11:21 PM in Parka! But the Rockhopper Tracker says something like 3 or 4 days ago. So I proved it! It’s not up to date!



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  1. FINALLY! It says Banned Forever! 1 hour! You get banned in less than 1 second, and you get about 1 hour for the trackers to find out! I’m not relying on them anymore!

  2. What do you mean trackers?
    I’m confused!

  3. What are these trackers? I have never heard of them. But they sound like real losers the way they arn’t up to date.

  4. I banned one of my penguins and right away it said it was banned and for how long.


  5. Did it say it emediatly? If it did, then they fixed there act, but if not, they still suck!

  6. Considering your avatar is ninja (one of the most hacked things of all time), it is hardly just that you have banned Cruisingman1!

  7. Huh? I never banned him from anything! I just deleted him of the admins for Penguin Pals. I never banned his penguin, or from my site, or anything.
    Also, the reoson is that I have a Ninja Avatar is cause I think it’s cool!

  8. Spade13, You are an official Admin Of My Site!

  9. You don’t know who RFS is?

  10. Yeah I know that I’m an admin your of your site, and I do know what I RPF is.
    Rebel Penguin Federation. Current leader is Commando717. Allies with CPFD, and a lot of other armys.
    once was allies with the UMA, but they quit, and became to the Peace makers. Well you see that’s pretty much a lil summary about the RPF.

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