August 25, 2007 at 4:43 pm | Posted in News, Rockhopper | 6 Comments

Well I got 10,000 hits! I told you that I will tell you what’s in those boxes at the Lighthouse that Rockhopper brought! Well…I’ll give you some hints. What brought Club Penguin for 350 Million Dallors! They showed a picture of a penguin wearing ________. If you couldn’t find out what it was, then I’ll just tell you. It’s Mikey Mouse Ears!
Well I think It’s Mickey Mouse Ears. I might be wrong. But From what I can tell is it is Mickey Mouse Ears.



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  1. wOOOO!

  2. Lol Thats a Guess in Mid air…. If it was i would be pleased but some penguins won’t they hate Disney taking over, there was Debates at the Town at Mammoth etc….

    Anyway i think its very festive (Flags etc..) Also Yarr looked very circus like… We could have a Circus Party on Cp When the box is opened.

    I dunno but Mickey Mouse ears would be cool!

  3. yeah… Also It wasen’t just one day there was a debate, it’s may days! I was at one of them 😉
    I just said, “Disney is Good with Kid stuff, so maybe it’s for the best”, and then they just started to throw snowballs at me and yelled BOO!

  4. I know what it is, it’s decorations for a sort of fair or ciruc themed party. In RH’s journal, Yarr is wearing a tophat, and Rockhopper says in it “Ye all will have a FAIR time.”

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  6. hi pie

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