My Camping Trip

August 23, 2007 at 8:38 pm | Posted in News | 7 Comments

Hey Everyone! Today was my camping trip, and here are some pictures on what happend! It was a lot of fun! Thank you for the people coming to my party!

We Partied alot at my igloo!

We Went Fishing!

We Went Smiming! 😀

We Partied at the Forest!

Mcmo and I fighted over on who would Win! 😆

Then We went Sled Raceing! I won a few times, and lost a few times!

We Partied at my Igloo…again! LOL!

We Had a good game of Find Four!

As you see, It was a lot of fun! Yeah!



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  1. 😀 that was fun!

  2. I’m so sorry I missed it Spade… I haven’t been home since before school this morning and it’s 4:00 PST. I had a Cross Country meet and my sister was the only one home (You can even ask her). It looks like it was a lot of fun and I’m sorry I missed it. 😥


  3. yeah, Spade. I thought that it was just a Cross Country practice.. and I forgot that it was a meet. I barely even made it to your party, too, because I had just gotten home from school.

  4. But you sure do know how to throw a good party!

  5. cool party!

  6. Couldn’t come As i didn’t understand the time i was probably in bed as i think it was 1am in the morning

  7. Hey dude I will try to meet you at the camping party and mcmo11 its me Plub Cenguin!

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