The password

August 18, 2007 at 5:41 pm | Posted in News | 5 Comments

You want to know the password for what’s coming up? Then solve the riddle!

What is Club Penguin and the begening of this sites name?

Need a hint?

Club Penguin? We shortend it out to 2 letters. The 2 letters are…?

Need another hint?

Well sorry, I can’t
I can only tell you What is Club Penguin and the begining of this sites Name!

You guys have been good to me so I’m just going to say most of it **Spade** You need to capital letters and 2 #

I’ll give you one more hint for the first 2 letters.

It’s at the begening of my Army’s name?

If you couldn’t figure it out then…too bad too sad!



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  1. Is it Fdspade13

  2. No! I’ll just tell you guys the password.

  3. Do you know someone named mark and is your name Anoush?

  4. we all will ban this site forever so haha

  5. Oh I’m so scared! Ha! You’re not the real Mods!
    I e-mailed CP, and they said they’ll do nothing to any wordpress acount, so do your best Fake Billybo!

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