The Brand New Weekly Poll

August 12, 2007 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Weekly Poll | 11 Comments

I saw from Jetair’s blog that he had a Weekly poll, so I decided to make one for my site. So each week, I’ll make a new poll for you guys to vote.

Just CLICK that link above to vote! I promis this isn’t a trick, like last time I did. LOL!



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  1. Guys! Be serius with this. You guys say you hate this site for fun. I really want to know if you really like my site. I voted for It’s great.

  2. ok nice site can i be on your blogroll

  3. spade plz put me back as an admin on that site i honestly (hand on heart) do not know what the post was about plz tell me what it was about I dont know what it was about plz trust me as one of your friends plz trust me plz!

  4. I voted for it’s Great

  5. You guys must really hate my site. I got more than 100 votes on the Worst Site. Well Thanks for voting.

  6. theres more than 150 votes on its great

  7. now theres like 220 votes

  8. for its great

  9. haha u have 714 votes for the wrost site ever, and 305 for terrible

  10. im still on penguin pals coz i didnt do nothin

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