August 10, 2007 at 6:51 pm | Posted in News | 8 Comments

Please take time to read this.

Five. Five of my friends closests friends on CP have said they’re quitting. Most of friends are saying they’re quitting because they think they’re getting too old. Well as long as you’re having fun, then who cares who old you are? When you create your account, it asks for your age, and it goes all the to 18 and older. So why quit when you’re having fun playing?

Many people say, It’s just an online game, what does it matter? Even I used to think that, but I learned that it’s not. When your online friends quit, it’s like a real friend in real life is leaving you forever. Many of your friends online trust you, beleive in you, and really like you, and when you quit, you’releaving them in sadness.And I know it’s not just them feeling sad, it will also be you.

In Club Penguin you make friends, and friendship is the key to life. Yes you may have friends at school and stuff, but what’s wrong with a few more friends online? Without friends, life is pointless. If someone asked me right now, they’ll offer me a billion dollars, Yes I’ll take it, but if they asked, I’ll give you a villion dollars to give up your friends, I’ll tell him to kiss my ass. When you don’t have friends you’ll be living all alone, in complete solitude from the world. Where’s the fun in that? Have some fun once in a while! Also, don’t think you never have any friends, because you always have friends. I’m not even buddy’s with Freeman777 on CP, but I still care that he’s quitting. Because that’s friendship. We look out for each other.

So Freeman777, Jetair23, Aggie Fan, JK767, and JohnyHappy, Please don’t quit. So what if you’re getting a little old? Does that mean you can’t stop having fun? Just take the time and think, before you make your final choice. If you really do want to quit, then atleast lets take one last picture together, For old time’s sake. I just wished we could spent more time getting to know each others.



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  1. ur never too old: my mums 43 and plays

  2. I love your thoughts on Quitting Club Penguin.


  3. i read it today! and i guess if i do quit i still have 11 buddies on cp all the rest quit 😥 I now not only have not many friends on cp but i am losing friends quiting so I won’t quit (unless all of my friends quit so i need to make more friends on cp I’ll make more i already have i now have 99 buddies in 10 mins go me!

  4. Make you’re 100th buddy Anoush or Spade 13

  5. ok when u meet me?

  6. Hello! Look at ure hits!
    Blog Stats

    * 6,666 hits

    lol 😆

  7. how mushey get a life buddy just joking
    <- to all of that
    but nice thought’s and i must say i agree

    sincerely you’re lord and master spikexp

  8. spade look i am on ohh i don’t know maybe 30 min a week we can still talk and stuff

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