August 7, 2007 at 7:02 pm | Posted in News | 13 Comments

Guys the New new Mission is out!


This is how to do it!

1. Go to G and ask him to open the gadget room.

2. Go in the Gadget room and get the Preserver Shooter.

3. Then Go to the lighthouse and the Ski Lodge and get the fishing poll and the rope.

4. Go to the ski Village and talk to the penguin.

5. Go to the Sport Shop and get the belt on the penguin.

6. Tie the Belt to the Ski Lift, and while your there pick up the with hair in the Ski Village

7. The go to the Top of the mountain and just keep on trying until you made it to the end of it

8. Put the Preserver Shooter, rope, and Fishing poll together

8. Pick up all of them together and make them push the rock until the rock falls

9. Get the last one and just talk to G until your done



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  1. mine is more specific.. but urs is easyer to write.. ty spade ur my one of my best friends!

  2. Use

  3. try that one

  4. Try that

  5. wait that one doesnt work either

  6. spade.. did you delete me off of the penguin pals? 😦

  7. please dont be mad at me… i wanted to be on.. i just needed to get used to it

  8. I deleted you, cause on the meebo, you said you didn’t want to.


    I’ll add you again

  9. i said i needed to get used to it.. and i think im used to it already 😀 thanks! ~mcmo11~

  10. spade i did a speech on your comment it might become famous lol!

  11. ok im confused…what do u mean go on the mountain and keep trying until you get to the end? i don’t get it and i want to finish this mission.

  12. LOL! I know it’s not much descripted! Just go to go to the Mission Impossible 1-4 page and it will tell you all the missions!

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