Admins, please read this

August 5, 2007 at 4:40 am | Posted in News | 17 Comments

Hey Admins! I’ve decided to make the new site, but I’m still not sure what to call the site, so I need you guys to come up with a good name for the site.



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  1. so this is the 1 im a admin on, (is an idea)

  2. i got an idea

  3. umm… i gave you all of my suggestions yesterday lol

  4. These are all awesome ideas, but I also got an idea! what about the Penguin pals.

    ~~~♣Spade 13♣~~~©

  5. thats pretty cool! or… i think i like your better though

  6. I’ve decided to call the site Penguin pals! So put in your REAL E-mail so I can E-mail you.

    ~~~♣Spade 13♣~~~©

  7. add me to your users:


    the penguin pals is taken:


  9. no wait, i dont think thats the right one… let me check

  10. Hey guys, I have a question. My password is the same for all 3 of my blogs, and I it won’t let me change the password for the 1 blog, so I’m asking you to please don’t mess with my other blogs, only with Penguin Pals. Please promis me that

  11. Spade, you know my email lol

  12. i promise that i wont mess with your other blogs

  13. email me at

    thats the right one

  14. I promise and i don’t mess with blogs cuz i know how it feels to have your blogs messed up…

  15. Guys all of you except Mcmo11 and Dozy3000 are admins.
    I wanted Mcmo11 and Dozy3000 to be admins, but the E-mail won’t go in. It says this E-mail does not match any wordress user. So sorry Mcmo and Dozy, until you give an E-mail that works, you guys can’t be admins.

  16. spade my emial was wrong and i have to tell u the right one

  17. and can people from penguin pals edit my site??

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