Admins and Mobs for a new site

August 2, 2007 at 6:04 pm | Posted in News | 21 Comments

I’m thinking about making a new site which has Mods and admins! I’m still not sure if I’m even going to make the new site, but If I am, you can sign up now! Just leave a comment below with the following info.

 1. Penguins name?

2. How old is your penguin?

3. Do you have a site/ what is it?

4. Can you post all the new things that happend?

5. Can you take pictures? 

6. Are you my buddy

7. Why do you want to be an admin?



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  1. 1. Colls2
    2. 435 days
    3. yes
    5. not on cp no 😥
    6. because i am an admin on 3 different site (not including mine) also i want to help you


    1. Ven0m Dude0
    2. 49
    3. NO!
    4. NO!
    5. I dunno? I just want to.

  3. 1. cruisingman1
    2. almost 150 days
    4. im on alot of blogs so maybe not everything but most sure!
    5. no 😥
    6. coz im on alot5 of blogs and im cool and so r u 😎

  4. Dozy3000

    109 Days Old (I did have a penguin that started in October 2005 but then my computer went dead and now i don’t have that penguin so i had 2 start again!)


    Yes, Cp is now a Buisness Partner with Disney.
    There is a New pin and clothing catalog tommorow and the winners were said in the newspaper today for the My life in a Fish Bowl competition.And there is a never done before competition (Clothing) Starting Tommmorow…..

    Yes i’m yur buddie on Anoush.

    Because i like 2 write, I don’t Hack, I have cool Titles and Header fonts and styles!I have my own website and i also look after Cruisingman1’s website, i also reply 2 comments and like 2 included pictures (Good ones) In my writing!Plus u said u like me 2 be an Admin on yur New Site

  5. and i really wanna spadeso make the site plz

  6. All of you, but Venom Dude, gets to be Admins!
    Now since you guys are going to be admins, lets meet and be buddys.

    Saturday August 4th
    Server Ice Palace
    time: 12:00 pst
    where: Iceberg, if full go to parlor

  7. hi, 12am or pm. coz if its pm we cant come coz we live in england and that’llbe 4am plus we av a concert at colls2’s igloo

  8. 1-Mloolm Now ml00lm cause mloolm is banned!
    2-153 days old
    3-Yes i have a site
    4-I can post anytime you want me to!
    5- I can take many pictures and animate them!
    6- no Im not i wish i could be!
    7-I want to be an admin to help you be popular and make this site very productive!
    Hope i can be an admin!
    I am an admin on 4 different sites! ( not including mine!)

  9. ye so i know we all meet at my party?

  10. 1. Mcmo11
    2. 220 Days Old
    3. Yes,
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Yes! Im buddies with Anoush and Spade 13! 😀
    7. Because this is a cool site, too, and I think that it would be fun to be an admin on this WordPress.

    Remember, you get to pick whoever YOU want. Its not anybody elses choice. Ill be happy wether you pick me or not!

  11. :mrgreen:




  12. Jetair23!!!!!!


    yes i have a site! its

    i can post all the things that happens on friday or on thursday or on wed. or tue. or mon. or sat. or sun!

    I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW!!! SO YES!! im so happy


    will u need help and i will be happy to help u!!

    ♣Jetair23™♣◊ :mrgreen:

  13. These are the people I choose for my admins.
    I’m still thinking about Mloolm03

    ~~~♣Spade 13♣~~~

  14. whats your new site?

  15. I haven’t diceded yet, but I’ll tell you when I make it.

    ~~~♣Spade 13♣~~~

  16. thanks spade!

  17. Oh No! Is it too late to be and admin? Well if it isn’t here are my answer

    1. Johny Boy

    2. 83

    3. no 😦

    4. I’ll try

    5. no 😦

    6. Yes with Cool Dj 13

    7. I want to help you.

  18. DONT PICK JETAIR23!!!!

  19. dont do it hes an as*****

  20. Please don’t cuss.

  21. chewitt dude
    im a famous penguin like you we can be buddies.
    (by the way, my chewit dude penguin i gave it to my freind and he changed the password,so my penguin is doydle500)

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