Spade 13’s Igloo contest

July 14, 2007 at 11:14 pm | Posted in News | 14 Comments

Hey everybody, I decided to start an Igloo contest. I chose the top ten out of all my friends. Now it’s up to you Simply chooseyour favorite to win. Just E-mail me at You can only voteonce.Here are the contestentants.


Bulby’s cool igloo


Mcmo11’s cool igloo


Jo Mama 42’s cool igloo


Aggie Fan’s cool igloo wich is also the HQ of the CPTS


Qoxir’s awesome Igloo


Robopeanut2’s igloo. It may be messy, but it’s cool


mcmo13’s igloo, or should I say baseball feild


My friend Bubbles 3579’s cool igloo


My friend Bah Ha’s cool igloo


and finnaly, Anoush’s awesome Igloo.

Contest ends by Tuesday July 31 2007

The Votes so far.

Bulbey: 29

Mcmo11: 22

Jo mama 42: 18

Aggie Fan: 16


Robopeanut2: 7

Mcmo13: 14

Bubbles 3579: 18

Bah Ha: 17

Anoush: 24



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  1. i vote mcmo13!

  2. How many times can we vote?


    P.S., This was a genious idea to have an igloo contest.

  3. Nevermind 😆

    (I forgot to read the top)


  4. Cool! you have a igloo contest now. Ummm…I vote for Anoush.

  5. i vote for myself!!lol and my iggys just like rl lol

  6. Hmm….. I don’t know who to vote for…..


  7. thx for entering me in the contest!

  8. my igloo is different now, though. so will you take a picture of what my igloo looks like now? thanks!

  9. Sorry Mcmo11, I can’t. My computer is at my dad’s work. I have to use my old laptop wich I can’t take pictures with. I’m so sorry though 😥 When I go to my dad’s work I’ll make sure to change it

  10. Your igloo looks the same mcmo11. The only difference is the couch is not slanted

  11. id have to say Qoxir
    thats a cool igloo

  12. lol ok

  13. :0


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